PATCH - $950.    Blue merle boy.   

GEORGE - $850.  Chocolate merle boy   

VIDEO:  Fred and George          VIDEO:  George and others:  Trouble    VIDEO:  George and Fred

To hold a puppy until they are old enough to go to a new home, we ask for a $300 non-refundable deposit. We always encourage people to come pick up their puppy. We enjoy meeting the people who purchase our puppies.  However, for many it is not possible to pick up their.  For those, we can arrange shipping for $395. Depending on the weather and time of year, this may be air or ground shipping. If this is something you would like to consider, we can arrange it for you. Our puppies leave for their new homes with a bag of food, a health record that you can take to your vet with you, and AKC litter registration papers that you may use to name and register your puppy. Puppies are sold with a non-breeding registration unless other arrangements have been made.  Some pups may be eligible for ABCA registration. However, due to changes in the ABCA philosophy, we are at this time not consistently registering with the ABCA. In very special circumstances, we can send in a registration to the ABCA for $15 additional charge. Due to the changes at the ABCA, it will also take an excessively long amount of time to get papers back, regardless of when they are sent in.   If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, we would love to help you find your next forever friend!

Puppies for Sale

Nightwind Border Collies:
Email:     ​  
Text:  316-619-2887.  

Please check the Dogs for Sale page for older pups and adult dogs for sale  :) Older pups are anything from 16 weeks on up!

NEVILLE - $950.    Blue merle boy.

DELLA - $850.  Blue merle girl.                               DALLAS - $700.    Brindle boy.            

Born Sept. Sept 26.    AKC registered.          VIDEO:  Dallas and Dexter        VIDEO:  Dallas and Dahlia. Tug o War

FRED - $950.    Blue merle boy.     

VIDEO:  Fred and George            VIDEO:  Fred and others             VIDEO:  George and Fred             

TIEGAN - $650.  Black & white girl.     Born August 22, 2018.    AKC registered. 

CEDRIC - $950.    Blue merle boy.      VIDEO:  Cedric

TEXAS - $600.  Black & white girl.                                  TINA - $600.  Sable girl

Both girls were born Sept. 6.     Parents:  Galaxy and Rhaegar.             AKC registered. 
TEXAS is a sweet, cuddly girl. She loves to curl up in someone's lap.  She also likes to play with her sisters and carry around her toys. ​

TINA is a happy girl that likes to explore and play.  She loves to be with people and follows us everywhere.

  Nightwind Border Collies

Lyra and Maximum Inferno litter.  Born  October 28.

Puppies will be ready to go their new homes December 22.  

VIDEO:  Puppies playing, 4 weeks old

Contact Information for Nightwind Border Collies:

Email:     ​  

Text:  316-619-2887.  Generally, if you are looking for the quickest response, a text message is best!

At this time, we are no longer accepting checks for deposits on puppies. We can take PayPal, cash-app, Venmo, Walmart2Walmart Transfer, and can send an email invoice for you to pay with a debit or credit card. Thank you for your understanding.