Tigger is highly herding bred, tracing back to IMP Craig. She has a great eye and always has been a healthy, girl full of energy. She still runs around like a young dog. She is on the shorter side, but she is very stout. She has a long, thick, beautiful rough coat! She is the mother of Nightshades Outlaw Sassy, Firestorm's Northern Lights "Aurora" and FS Coyote Moon "Vita" All are very loving and are on the smaller side like mom. 

Tigger - Chocolate Tri

​Firestorm Sagehill Drama

WindyKnightSky "Skye" - Black and White

Tigger - Chocolate Tri


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Skye was Firestorm's very first border collie. She has an absolutely wonderful personality and is just a puppy at heart. She is great with all animals and kids. She's medium sized for a border collie, but her babies seem to have been on the smaller side! Her coat is a medium and has a little bit of curl to it. She is the mother of Ignite the Sky "Spi", Wild Lil Blaze "Phoebe" and Ignite the Night "Emma". All three are on the smaller side. Spi is currently in Agility training and she is a rocket!  One of her babies from her first litter "Crime" is a retired flyballer! He can be seen on the Nightshades Ranch "In the NEWS page. 


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